T. Martin Fiorentino, Jr. Hubert "Bo" Bohannon Mark J. Pinto, Jr.


When the 2010-2011 (Florida Budget) General Appropriations Act drastically cut fees to be paid to criminal court reporters covering private court-appointed and indigent-for-costs cases, FCRA decided it was crucial to have advocates fighting for our profession in Tallahassee.  With the support of our membership, FCRA hired The Fiorentino Group, a very highly respected and effective lobbying group, to advocate for Florida court reporters and to be our eyes and ears in Tallahassee.

Through the tireless efforts of FCRA’s Government Relations Committee, working along with the well-connected and experienced Fiorentino Group, we were able to educate our Florida legislators on our profession and our cause.  In 2012, during a difficult economic climate that resulted in most organizations seeing their funding slashed, The Fiorentino Group was able to substantially restore the fees paid to court reporters in the criminal courts.

The Fiorentino Group continues to monitor all legislation being drafted in Tallahassee for items that are of concern to court reporters.

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