We need you!  FCRA depends on the volunteer services of our members.  Committees are formed immediately after the Annual Convention.  Remember, FCRA depends on its committee members to be our boots on the ground, whether it’s through the Membership Committee reaching out to new potential members, the Government Relations Committee working hand-in-hand with our lobbyist, the PR Task Force presenting educational seminars to paralegals across the state, or the Fundraising Committee handling our annual fundraiser.  Each committee is an integral part of how FCRA is out there working for you.

To find out more about a committee (or two) that interests you, feel free to contact the current committee chair to request more information.  To volunteer to serve, please submit your name and contact information to FCRA Headquarters and put “FCRA Committee Volunteer” in the subject line.

Arlene P. Sommers Award Chair
Arlene P. Sommers, RPR

Arlene P. Sommers Award Vice Chair
Lori Bundy, RMR, CRR, FPR
CART Chair
Gayl Hardeman, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI, FPR
Charter & Bylaws Chair
Michelle Smith, RMR, RPR, FPR, LCR, CCR
Conference - Annual 2016 Chair
Court Reporting Schools Chair
Robin L. Merker, RPR, FPR
Courts Committee Chair
Nikki Peters, CRR, FPR
Lori Bundy, RMR, CRR, FPR

Finance & Budget Chair
Sharon Velazco, RPR, CLR, FPR

Fundraising Chair
Amy Marie Yarbrough, FPR

Government Relations Co-Chair
Holly Kapacinskas, RPR, CRR, FPR

Government Relations Co-Chair
Rosa Naccarato, FPR

PR Task Force Chair Co-Chair
Sandra Estevez, CSR (CA), FPR

PR Task Force Chair Co-Chair
Janice Carrico, FPR

Information Technology Co-Chair Webmaster
Robin Deal, FPR

Information Technology Co-Chair Editor FCR Online
Richard Scire, RPR

Membership/Info Exchange Co-Chair
Cathy Carpenter, FPR

Membership/Info Exchange Co-Chair
Lori Bundy, RMR, CRR, FPR

Nominating Chair
Rosa Naccarato, FPR

Placement Chair
Sandra L. Nargiz, RPR, RMR, CRR, FPR, CSR (GA)

Pro Bono Chair
Sarah Gilroy, RPR, CRR

Professional Ethics Honorary Chair
Shirley D. King, RPR, FPR

Professional Ethics Chair
Holly Kapacinskas, RPR, CRR, FPR