held in conjunction with the 2021 Annual Convention
Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa

Friday, June 25, 2021
Practice Room Open at 8:00 a.m.
Skills Exams Begin at 8:30 a.m. SHARP

What is the FPR-C?

The FPR-C is the skills complement to FCRA’s FPR and is a voluntary (optional) skills examination. In order to be eligible to sit for the FPR-C, a candidate must:

  • Be a current member of FCRA*;
  • Be a steno or voice writer;
  • Provide his or her own laptop and CAT software for testing; and
  • Have the ability to email his or her test papers to the Committee for grading.

Click here for the full outline and procedures regarding the FPR-C

What is reciprocity and do I qualify?

A candidate who wishes to use the FPR-C designation but does not wish to test may use the FPR-C designation if they meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current FPR or pass the FPR before being eligible to use the FPR-C designation;
  • Be a current member of NCRA (National Court Reporters Association) and show proof to the Committee of their current membership status; and
  • Successfully passed at least one of the RPR, RMR, RDR, CRR, or CRC skills examinations awarded by NCRA. 

FPR-C reciprocity requires one of the following items which must attached with this registration form or submitted with your payment: 

  • Current NCRA CEU Cycle Transcript with certifications listed.  (Click here to access your transcript on NCRA’s website) 

- or - 

  • Letter from NCRA, on NCRA letterhead, indicating your current membership status and qualifying certification achieved (RPR or higher)

Where do I sign up for the inaugural FPR-C skills testing or apply for reciprocity?


If you are attending the 2021 Annual Convention, you can register for the inaugural FPR-C skills testing using the same registration form as the convention.  The FPR-C is an add-on option for FCRA member attendees.  Click here to view the 2021 Annual Convention summary page.


Click here to register instantly using the Skills Registration form.


Click here to download a mailable and/or e-mailable PDF form.



Click here to apply instantly using the Reciprocity form.


Click here to download a mailable and/or e-mailable PDF form.

I need to take the FPR seminar and examination.  How can I do that?

May 1, 2021 through June 22, 2021

*A candidate may take the FPR-C before taking the FPR, but may not use the initials “FPR-C” until the candidate successfully passes the FPR modules and test.  A candidate who wishes to take the modules and examination for the FPR certification must be a participating member of FCRA.

The Florida Professional Reporter and FPR designations are trademarks of the Florida Court Reporters Association.