Special Recognition Award


Year President Awarded to Reason for Award
2023-2024 Laura Landerman Heather Suarez

This special recognition award goes to someone I’ve watched grow over the years and come out of their shell.  When I asked if they’d take on the responsibility of chairing our courts committee, I was met with an enthusiastic, “I’d love to.   Thank you for going above and beyond.  Without being asked, you take charge and tackle issues with your can-do attitude.  You radiate pure awesomeness.

2023-2024 Laura Landerman Jeannie Sanchez

This award is proudly given in special recognition of your ongoing commitment and dedication to FCRA and promoting this amazing profession.  You’re a rockstar whose passion and experience ensures a bright future and leaves a legacy of success.

2021-2022 Tracy Finan Stephanie Nargiz

Your ability to power through to the goal line and ignore the obstacles is incredibly inspiring.  Whether it was producing the official publication of the association to offering astute opinions on issues facing the Board, FCRA has been the lucky recipient of your willingness to serve your profession and this career.  

2021-2022 Tracy Finan Amber Rodriguez

Your enthusiasm and creativity are unmatched, and your heart is true blue. FCRA thanks you for giving so much time and energy during your service on the Board and committees. You possess an authentic volunteer's heart, and FCRA was catapulted to the next level with every initiative you were involved with! 

2020-2021 Richard Sciré Michael Sciré

In honor of your hard work and dedication chairing the most committees and for taking on whatever we throw at you.  FCRA could not have seen the accomplishments which your willingness to volunteer provided.  With the utmost gratitude, thank you.

2019-2020 Amy Yarbrough Brook Cruise

We are incredibly grateful for you (and Ms. Teresa’s) help with the Tampa Mock Trials.  Your gracefulness and professionalism set an excellent example for the leaders of the future.  You have been a tremendous help spreading positivity and light on FCRA’s brand-new Instagram account.  Most importantly, thanks for being the ‘face’ of FCRA during Court Reporting & Captioning Week for our billboard campaign.

2018-2019 Sharon Velazco Tracy Finan

Your overall willingness to serve and generosity of your time is appreciated by FCRA. Your dedication to being our "boots on the ground" in Tallahassee in our legislative efforts has contributed to our ongoing success!

2018-2019 Sharon Velazco Christy Bradshaw

Thank you for stepping in to chair the FCRA Nomination Committee. Thanks to your leadership, the 2019-2020 board has been selected. We could not have done it without you.

2017-2018 Lori Bundy Richard Sciré

In special recognition of the time and support you have shown. Thank you for always being willing to be part of the journey with me for FCRA.

2016-2017 Christy Bradshaw Lynn Hupp  
2016-2017 Christy Bradshaw Donna Kanabay

In special recognition of the immeasurable amount of time and support you have shown both myself and the Florida Court Report Reporters Association. You are truly our librarian and historian.

2015-2016 Rosa Naccarato Paulita Kundid

For the amount of time and support given to FCRA 
as Chair of the Professional Ethics Committee.

2014-2015 Holly Kapacinskas Sharon Velazco FCR Online Editor
2013-2014 Janet McKinney No award given  
2012-2013 Sandra Estevez Janet McKinney and Holly Kapacinskas For work on the website
2011-2012 Rick Levy Hubert ”Bo” Bohannon For tireless legislative work in
Tallahassee on FCRA’s behalf
2010-2011 Robin Merker Rhonda Hall-Bruewet For support and help with Testing Committee
2009-2010 Susan Wasilewski Not Presented  
2008-2009 Jennifer Gaul Not Presented  
2007-2008 Thomas Hughes Not Presented  
2006-2007 Cathy Phillips Lisa Selby Brood For work with the Court Reporting Schools
2005-2006 Teresa Durando Not Presented  
2004-2005 Louise Johnson Thomas Hughes For support of testing program in Florida
2003-2004 Rick Greenspan Not Presented  
2002-2003 Paulita Kundid Rick Greenspan For Website support and design
2001-2002 Michael Wierzbicki Robin Wierzbicki For work as Chair of Communication
to cooperate with State Courts and
Certification Task Force
2000-2001 Shirley King Not Presented  
1999-2000 Frieda Williams Not Presented  
1998-1999 Ann Mendenhall Vicki Johnson For help on testing and certification
1997-1998 Bob Dempster Donna Kanabay Harvey For help on membership behind
the scenes
1996-1997 Ginny Hyland Donna Kanabay Harvey For help on various projects
1995-1996 Gerry Ryan Not Presented  
1994-1995 Bob Eppers Not Presented  
1993-1994 Phill Narup Gerry Ryan For work on State Courts Committee
and Stenograph deal
1992-1993 Robin Wierzbicki Leon Shoemaker For extra effort working with the