YearPresidentAwarded toReason for Award
2015-2016 Rosa Naccarato Paulita Kundid

For the amount of time and support given to FCRA 
as Chair of the Professional Ethics Committee.

2014-2015 Holly Kapacinskas Sharon Velazco FCR Online Editor
2013-2014 Janet McKinney No award given  
2012-2013 Sandra Estevez Janet McKinney and Holly Kapacinskas For work on the website
2011-2012 Rick Levy Hubert ”Bo” Bohannon For tireless legislative work in
Tallahassee on FCRA’s behalf
2010-2011 Robin Merker Rhonda Hall-Bruewet For support and help with Testing Committee
2009-2010 Susan Wasilewski Not Presented  
2008-2009 Jennifer Gaul Not Presented  
2007-2008 Thomas Hughes Not Presented  
2006-2007 Cathy Phillips Lisa Selby Brood For work with the Court Reporting Schools
2005-2006 Teresa Durando Not Presented  
2004-2005 Louise Johnson Thomas Hughes For support of testing program in Florida
2003-2004 Rick Greenspan Not Presented  
2002-2003 Paulita Kundid Rick Greenspan For Website support and design
2001-2002 Michael Wierzbicki Robin Wierzbicki For work as Chair of Communication
to cooperate with State Courts and
Certification Task Force
2000-2001 Shirley King Not Presented  
1999-2000 Frieda Williams Not Presented  
1998-1999 Ann Mendenhall Vicki Johnson For help on testing and certification
1997-1998 Bob Dempster Donna Kanabay Harvey For help on membership behind
the scenes
1996-1997 Ginny Hyland Donna Kanabay Harvey For help on various projects
1995-1996 Gerry Ryan Not Presented  
1994-1995 Bob Eppers Not Presented  
1993-1994 Phill Narup Gerry Ryan For work on State Courts Committee
and Stenograph deal
1992-1993 Robin Wierzbicki Leon Shoemaker For extra effort working with the