Ethics First

Become An Ethics First Participant
The Ethics First program was created by the National Court Reporters Association as a positive and proactive effort to encourage reporters, firms, and the clients they serve to promote the impartiality and neutrality of the reporting profession and avoid inappropriate gift-giving and gift acceptance.
FCRA is a proud supporter of NCRA’s Ethics First program and encourages its members to become Ethics First Participants.  It is FCRA’s position that incentive gifting undermines the integrity of the reporting profession and the status of the reporter as a neutral and impartial party, as well as compromises the ethical obligations of the clients we serve.
To become an Ethics First Participant, a reporter must be an NCRA member and must “make the record.”  Ethics First Participants are entitled to promote their affiliation through use of the Ethics First Participant logo and will be listed in Ethics First print and electronic materials.  A reporter displaying the logo indicates to law firms and the public that they adhere to NCRA’s Code of Professional Ethics and do not engage in gift-giving.
To learn more about NCRA’s Ethics First program or to sign up to become an Ethics First Supporter, click here.