Continuing Education Requirements (CEUs)

Maintaining FPR™ Certification

Obtain 3.0 CEUs within a 3-year period.  The period begins on December 31 of the year in which the FPR™ examination was passed.  Example:  If you receive the FPR™ in July of 2013, your certificate cycle will end December 31, 2016.

One hour is the equivalent of .1 CEU.

Certificate Holders will receive a statement detailing their CEU status with their first dues renewal application each year.  CEU status may be checked at any time via this FCRA website.

How to Obtain CEUs

  • Attend FCRA seminars
  • Attend any NCRA- or NVRA-approved CEU seminars
  • Teach or present an approved seminar (Earn .2 CEU per hour)
  • Write an article that is published in the FCR Magazine (Earn .15 CEU per article)
  • Participate in FCRA Pro Bono Program (Earn up to 1.00 CEU within 3-year renewal period)
  • Participate on an FCRA Committee or on Board of Directors within 3-year renewal period (Earn a maximum of 1.00 CEU within 3-year renewal period)

How to Submit CEUs to FCRA

When attending FCRA seminars, Certificate Holders must:

  • Have FPR™ punch card punched at end of seminar and turn it in at end of conference.

When attending NCRA/NVRA-approved conferences or online seminars other than FCRA-sponsored events, Certificate Holders must:

  • Provide a copy of the certificate of attendance to FCRA Headquarters
  • In the alternative, the submission of an official NCRA/NVRA transcript to FCRA Headquarters will satisfy the requirement for submission of CEUs.

When completing CEUs by any other means, Certificate Holders must:

  • Complete and submit an FCRA CEU request form (PDF) along with a copy of the program agenda/schedule/outline of the subject(s) covered with verification and the CEU fee.  CEU fees for an FCRA member are $25 and non-members are $35.

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