Continuing Education Requirements (CEUs)


To maintain your FPR certification, you must:

  • obtain and report to FCRA 3.0 CEUs (30 hours) within a three-year period
  • your FCRA membership must remain active 

The first FPR certification cycle begins on the day you initially pass the FPR exam. The first cycle ends December 31 of the third full year after the FPR examination was passed.   Example:  If you receive the FPR in June of 2021, your certificate cycle will end December 31, 2024 (the three full years in the cycle would be 2022, 2023, 2024).

One hour is the equivalent of 0.1 CEUs.

Certificate Holders will be sent an annual statement detailing their CEU status in September.  CEU status may be checked at any time via the FPR website .

PLEASE NOTE:  The Account Name for all FPR/FPR-Cs using the CE Tracker Software is FCRA FPR


  • Attend FCRA seminars
  • Attend any NCRA- or NVRA-approved CEU seminar.*
  • Teach or present an approved seminar (earn 0.2 CEUs per hour)*
  • Write an article that is published in the The Florida Reporter (earn .15 CEUs per article)*
  • Provide Pro Bono services (earn up to 1.0 CEUs within three-year renewal period)*
  • Participate on an FCRA Committee or on Board of Directors within three-year renewal period (earn a maximum of 1.0 CEUs within three-year renewal period)*

*Please note - it is the responsibility of the Certificate Holder to report to FCRA headquarters any credits earned through any means, other than attendance at an FCRA seminar.


When attending FCRA seminars, Certificate Holders must:

  • Have FPR punch card punched at end of seminar, or other attendance verification as provided by FCRA, and turn it in at end of conference.

When attending NCRA/NVRA-approved conferences or online seminars other than FCRA-sponsored events, Certificate Holders must:

  • Provide a copy of the certificate of attendance to FCRA Headquarters.
  • In the alternative, the submission of an official NCRA/NVRA transcript to FCRA Headquarters will satisfy the requirement for submission of CEUs.

When completing CEUs by any other means, Certificate Holders must:

  • Complete and submit an FCRA CEU request form (PDF) along with a copy of the program agenda/schedule/outline of the subject(s) covered, with verification and the CEU evaluation fee. CEU evaluation fees for an FCRA member are $25 and non-members are $35.
  • The Request Form and Fees are NOT required for any courses that are NCRA/NVRA approved - submission of a certificate of attendance is all that is needed. If you are not sure if the course is NCRA/NVRA approved, you can contact FCRA headquarters prior to submitting the course information and fee.   To submit CEUs that do not require the Form and Fees, please email those to [email protected].

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