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During the FPR™ seminar, a panel of presenters reviews The Florida Manual in detail.  The Florida Manual includes citations of the Federal and Florida rules that govern court reporting and transcript preparation, as well as samples of forms.  The material on the examination is reviewed during the course of the day.  Most test candidates have found no pre-seminar preparation necessary.

The following materials will assist you if you feel the need to prepare ahead of the seminar:

FCRA FLORIDA MANUAL – A comprehensive reference for court reporters and transcriptionists, available in various formats.  To purchase a manual, please click here.


Federal Rules 28 through 35, 43, 80  

Click here to reference Federal Rules


            Florida Rules of Civil Procedure

                        Rules 1.300 through 1.330, Rule 1.410 and others

            Florida Rules of Judicial Administration

                        Rules 2.215, 2.420, 2.430, 2.440, 2.535, and others

            Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure

                        Rules 3.070, 3.190, 3.220, and others

            Florida Rules of Juvenile Procedure

                        Rules 8.060, 8.085, 8.100, and others

            Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure

                        Rules 9.140, 9.141, 9.142, 9.146, 9.200, and others

            Florida Rules of Family Law

                        Rules 12.400, 12.490, 12.491, and others

            Rules for Certification and Regulation of Court Reporters

                        Rule 13

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FCRA Code of Professional Ethics Download (PDF)

NCRA - Committee on Professional Ethics Advisory Opinions


Purchase the Manual

The Florida Manual provides a uniform and professional guide for all reporters in the state of Florida; provides a quick reference to the rules that affect our profession; provides assistance in understanding procedures; and provides answers to some of the problems most frequently faced by reporters.

FCRA’s Florida Manual is continually updated by the Florida Manual and FPR™ Oversight Committee.  It consists of over 600 pages chock full of information every court reporter working in Florida needs to know.  

The cost of the manual is $75 for members and current FPR™ holders and $375 for non-members or not a current FPR™ (e-mailed PDF document).   Updates, if any, within a year of purchasing the manual can be obtained free of charge. 

To order THE FLORIDA MANUAL, complete and submit this form to FCRA Headquarters at [email protected] with your payment.


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