Mentoring Program

Find a Mentor

Court reporting schools thoroughly prepare you with grammar, medical, and legal courses, along with getting you to that all-important 225 speed. Many of your teachers are former court reporters who bring their enthusiasm for the profession to the classroom. Not only have they been your teachers, but in many cases they have been your mentors and cheerleaders as well. As you get closer to leaving school, and in that first couple of years out in the field, wouldn’t it be nice to have that same resource out in the working world?

If you would like to have a mentor -- a working reporter -- to be a resource for your questions and concerns as you finish school and enter the profession, FCRA can help.

Just contact Sharon Velazco and/or Danielle Freeze Wall, Court Reporting Schools chairs, and we will help you connect with a mentor who will give you the support you need as you develop your professional skills.

Be a Mentor

FCRA is calling on you to step up and mentor a student or new reporter. Many of us have been doing this informally all along, but it’s time to develop a list of those willing and eager to develop the next generation of FCRA’s Rock Star Reporters. And if you’ve only been reporting a few years, it wasn’t that long ago you were starting out – you have plenty to offer that struggling student and new reporter!

Contact Sharon Velazco and/or Danielle Freeze Wall, Court Reporting Schools chairs, and let’s make a mentor match!