Why Should You As A Student Join FCRA?

You may be asking yourself that as you struggle to pay tuition, carve out time for school and practice, and keep up with all the other responsibilities in your life.  Why not just wait till you’re working?

Well, here’s why in no particular order!

  1. FCRA directly supports our students with:
    1. A mentoring program for that one-on-one support.
    2. Student Sponsorships to help defray the cost for students attending convention
    3. A placement committee to help reporters find employment.
  2. At various times and places throughout the year FCRA holds Reporter Info Exchanges, but it’s not just for reporters.  Students are always welcome!  It’s your opportunity to meet reporters in the area, learn what’s going on in the state affecting reporters, and what FCRA is actively doing.  It’s also an opportunity for FCRA to hear from you and the concerns and interests you have.
  3. Education and certification opportunities:
    1. The Florida Professional Reporter (FPR).  This seminar and exam will empower you to feel confident and knowledgeable as you take your first steps as a professional working reporter.   It is given at the convention, as well as other times throughout the year and the state
    2. Software training and seminars covering all aspects of reporting at FCRA’s Convention.
  4. Social Networking at the Florida Court Reporters Association on Facebook.  Here’s your opportunity to connect more informally with each other and stay informed on the latest happenings around the state.
  5. Student membership is your gateway to becoming a successful reporter.  It keeps you connected, encouraged, and informed as you progress through school.

Lastly, never diminish the importance of being part of something bigger than you.  Your membership and participation gives back to the profession as a whole.  When FCRA’s Government Relations Committee is up in Tallahassee promoting the profession, legislators want to know how many care enough to be counted.  Simply by joining, you are going on record as supporting your profession!