FPR Testimonials

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                                      ~ Lori Francis, RPR, FPR


"There’s not a reporter, agency owner, manager, etc., who hasn’t walked out of the seminar with many "Aha" and OMG moments!"

                                      ~ Robin Merker, RPR, FPR


"The time and cost of getting my FPR has paid me back tenfold.  When a situation comes up, even if I don’t know the answer offhand, I get that little ‘tickle’ in my brain that reminds me that the topic was covered, and I can go straight to the electronic Florida Manual to refresh myself on it.  If it weren’t for having taken the course, I wouldn’t know that the answer is readily available.  And I have a special sense of pride every time I type the designation after my name."

                                      ~ Donna M. Kanabay, RMR, CRR, FPR


"The FPR has made me a knowledgeable reporter who better knows the rules and regulations regarding my profession. The FPR has made me a better reporter!"

                                      ~ Heather Jewett, FPR


"Having the FPR has been a great resource.  It has given me a manual where I can go to find concrete answers for those everyday reporter questions, like, Can I swear a witness over the phone?  Do I have to hand over my audio file if an attorney requests it?  Is there a standard format for preparing my title and certificate pages?   I can be confident that the information I get has been thoroughly researched and is the most accurate and up-to-date.  I think it is a must have for any working reporter in Florida."

             ~ Julie Alfonso, FPR, RPR


"Every reporter in the state should be armed with the knowledge that being an FPR brings.  Having sat through this course several times as both an attendee and a presenter, I never fail to pick up something new.  You’ll be amazed at what you don’t know you don’t know.  A reporter without a Florida Manual is like a lawyer without the Florida Statutes."

                                     ~ Holly Kapacinskas, RPR, CRR, FPR


"There is always so much expected of us court reporters out on a job.  I find it comforting to know that I always have the help of the FPR's guidelines behind me!"

                                     ~ Heather McEvilly, FPR


“When I decided to sit for the FPR in 2007, I was fairly confident that after all my years of reporting there was not much I was going to actually learn, but since it was being offered by my state association I would sign up to get the certification.  I was shocked when I had more than one ‘oh, no’ moment throughout the day as I realized there were Florida rules and procedures in place that I was hearing about for the very first time, and I wasn’t the only one.  Several times throughout the day I overheard someone whispering, “Did you know that?  I never knew that.”  Trust me when I say I use the knowledge I gained taking the FPR on a daily basis, and I’m confident that when I put a transcript out the door it is the best it can be.  I’ve already taken the course again as a refresher and plan to do so periodically from this point forward.  Money well spent! “

                                     ~ Janet McKinney, RPR, FPR, CLR  


"After sitting through the FPR/FPM seminar, I was answering questions in my office that I would have been asking our firm owner to answer two weeks prior to that course.  It gave me a sense of confidence, knowing I was able to field those questions without that need to go and ask.  As an office manager, I have a better sense of the process, the procedures, the setup, the breakdown, the bones, and the everything in between, because without taking the FPR/FPM and really paying attention to what happens beyond the billing and the production and the notices and the day to day, you don’t have a true understanding of the career path in a court reporting office.  Knowledge is power and confidence is key."

                                     ~ Dawn Leslie, FPM


"As an RPR, I am very proud of that designation and know that it is nationally recognized and some jobs require RPRs.  However, from a purely practical standpoint, I would have to say that between my RPR and my FPR, my FPR course and Florida Manual have been, hands down, the most beneficial.  Not only did I learn things I did not know after decades of reporting, but it also explained why and cited the sources for the things I had always done.  And, yes, I'm taking the refresher course this year...just to try and keep up!  An added bonus:  My clients think I'm a veritable font of knowledge!  Love my FPR!"

           ~ Kelly Owen McCall, RPR, FPR