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Job Title:  Court Reporter

Job Location:  St. Augustine, Florida

Job Type:  Full-time Court Reporter

Job Description:  We are a small, established court reporting office looking for an experienced court reporter to join our team. We cover all types of proceedings, but mainly court and deposition work. We are located in Northeast Florida in a very fast-growing county. Please email us for information if you are interested in joining our team. We look forward to hearing from you. Please take a look at our website. Email all inquiries and resumes to [email protected].

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7/25/23 +3


Job Title:  Court Reporter

Job Location:  South Florida

Job Description:  Seeking two experienced and skilled court reporters to join our team. Pleasanton & Marsaa Court Reporting is a boutique agency that has been well-established and well-respected in Florida for almost three decades. We maintain longstanding loyal relationships with our court reporters and clients. Incentives offered for bringing in client, but a client list is not required for these positions. If you are interested in joining a team which provides quality work and professionalism, flexibility, and opportunities to earn great money in a family environment where we value our reporters, we look forward to hearing from you. Email all inquiries and resumes to [email protected].

Please Email:  [email protected]

3/9/23 +3


Job Title:  Court Reporter

Job Location:  Miami, Florida

Job Type:  Full-Time

Job Description:  Official court reporters record each session of the Court and every other proceeding designated by rule or order of the Court or by a district court judge, magistrate judge, or land commissioner. All proceedings are reported using electronic machine shorthand equipment and electronic storage media capable of translation and printing by computer-assisted transcription equipment. Electronic sound recording equipment may be used to augment this primary source of reporting cases. Court reporters are generally required to travel occasionally within the district. Court reporters are guided by and responsible for following the policies and administrative procedures contained in the Court Reporter Management Plan for the Southern District of Florida.

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1/23/23 +6


Job Title:  Marketing Assistant

Job Location:  Houston, Texas

Job Type:  Full-time

Job Description:  Marketing Assistant

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1/1/23 +6