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We are always looking for great articles for both the reporter and student members of FCRA. Have you had an interesting job lately? How about a bad experience; one that sharing with others might help a fellow reporter avoid? Advice for the reporters-to-be is always helpful. What about something fun you did recently that you might want to share? It doesn’t have to be court-reporting related to be in the magazine. What do you do for stress? The topics are endless!

If you need CEUs, writing an article is one way to get them. You will get .15 CEU toward your FPR for any article you write that is published in the magazine… and since we are always looking for articles, your chances are high that it will be published. If you want to write an article, but aren’t sure of a topic, email the Editor Stephanie Nargiz at [email protected] and they can come up with a topic and you can get started.

We hope to hear from you soon. 

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