President's Message:



Dear Members,

There is definitely a monetary reward to what we do, which is why we invest so much of ourselves, our time, and our energy into preparing for such a challenging career.  We are always working on cultivating the discipline it takes to get through the demands of school in order to be qualified to enter this honorable profession.  It's not unusual that we tend to focus on the reality of being able to comfortably support our families and provide for their future, and sometimes that is the goal that gets us through to passing our 225s.  But, I urge you to expand your mission to include the privilege of service to your community and world.  You have been given this drive and talent for a reason, and it goes beyond the immediate need and reward of taking care of your loved ones.   You have so much to offer, and your skills are vital to others who, because of you and your selfless dedication, will have the ability to be part of an activity or event from which otherwise they are excluded.   Imagine yourself seated in the booth of an auditorium or place of worship, captioning and letting that audience and the whole world read the inspiring words of political and religious leaders, There are many variations on that theme, all of which center around you, the court reporter, being the conduit for the spoken word.  So whether you are using your abilities for a smaller group, such as a theater performance, or a larger crowd, as in a stadium, your talents are valuable.

Perhaps you would prefer to give back on a more personal level, such as one-on-one with a student.  There are many gifted, hard-of-hearing people who aspire to do so much more academically, but who are limited because they do not have access to the verbatim words of the teacher.  An example is someone who wishes to become a doctor.  There are words spoken daily in the classroom for which even the changing of an "o" to an "er" would seem to be a subtle difference, but the meanings are entirely opposite; example, hypertension, hypotension.  It may be extremely challenging, if not impossible, for that student to hear the nuanced distinction.  Your presence makes all the difference in the world.   If you, a court reporter, CART provider, captioner, are seated beside that student during the class, they are able to read and follow along, word for word, all the way to graduation.  And, because you shared your talents, those others may now share theirs.  

So, realize your worth, and always keep in mind that you are an important, supporting thread in this beautiful tapestry of humanity.  The texture of your willing strength can enhance and magnify the qualities of others, enabling them to stand out and be recognized where otherwise, their brilliance would fade into the background

Sharon Velazco, RPR, FPR, CLR
President, Florida Court Reporters Association


***** FCRA is offering $100 off your new membership/renewal if you do at least one demonstration in a school, as well as .25 FCRA CEU credit. This CEU credit is also applicable towards NCRA, but you will need to file the PD paperwork to receive that NCRA credit. All we ask is a "selfie" with the class in order to receive the credit, and also so that we can post it on our webpage/Facebook page!

Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further details. Put SCHOOL DEMO in the "Subject" line. Can't wait to see your picture! *****