President's Message:



My Dear Reader (Who Happens to be a Court Reporter!),

Valentine's Day is around the corner and, next thing you know, the Class of 2019 will be donning their tasseled, decorated mortarboards and marching down two aisles -- one, to graduation, and two, into their future. For some, there will be the mundane, debt-ridden course of studies that will eventually circle back to a retail store, selling ties. But for others, oh, for OTHERS, their interest has been sparked and their determination made more resolute to pursue a little-known career that they have just learned about! AND, the only way they are going to learn about that potential life road is by your taking a morning or an afternoon off, going into their classroom, and giving them direction.

The future of potential court reporters is up to you, and our future of court reporting is up to you. I urge you to pick up the phone tomorrow and call the high school that is closest to you. Ask for the guidance/career counselor, and volunteer an hour of your time to come to the school to give a demonstration to their Honors English class or perhaps their concert orchestral band. Believe it or not, there may be a freckle-faced, bespectacled young bassoonist who loves to read but really doesn't know what she is going to do after she graduates. Who knows. Because of you, she may become so passionate about her choice of and love for her career that she goes on to volunteer in a nonprofit state organization that is devoted to court reporting. Eventually, she becomes president of that organization, and wants to inspire and encourage other court reporters to give in-class demonstrations that will guide the next generation into this amazing profession that SHE learned about from YOU. She is out there, and at least a thousand more like her. However, unless you show her the potential of her future, she may end up in a retail store, selling ties!

Sharon Velazco, RPR, FPR, CLR
President, Florida Court Reporters Association



***** FCRA is offering $100 off your new membership/renewal if you do at least one demonstration in a school, as well as .25 FCRA CEU credit. This CEU credit is also applicable towards NCRA, but you will need to file the PD paperwork to receive that NCRA credit. All we ask is a "selfie" with the class in order to receive the credit, and also so that we can post it on our webpage/Facebook page! Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] for further details. Put SCHOOL DEMO in the "Subject" line. Can't wait to see your picture! *****