FCRA Position Statement on Remote Online Notarization

Recently, FCRA has been fielding questions regarding the remote notary and whether reporters can swear witnesses over VTC in light of the recently passed Florida House Bill 409. We feel that all reporters need to be informed on this important issue. When a board member inquired directly to their bonding company whether the Remote Online Notarization (RON) would apply to administration of an oath for sworn testimony, the following advice was given: "Remote Online Notarization can only be used for notarial acts authorized under the first section of Chapter 117 of FL Statute. Depositions are authorized elsewhere in FL law. So, unfortunately, the answer is no, you cannot use RON for depositions." FCRA would encourage all members/reporters that have any further questions regarding this issue to reach out to their individual bonding companies for clarification. In addition, we are sharing the following statement from FCRA's lobbyist, Corinne Mixon:


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